Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wordle ( Word Clouds )

Wordle is a website which allows the users to create word cloud from any article inserted in the website. The word cloud will be created based on the most frequent words in the article. Word cloud is a visual representation for text data. Word cloud are built from 'tags'. 'Tags' are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or colour. There are various websites that can be used to create word cloud. Wordshift is one of the other free website that allows users to create word cloud as well. However,  I would recommend Wordle rather than Wordshift as it allows for more personalisation of the word cloud.

Teachers may use Wordle in a reading lesson to students for different level of English. The word cloud can be personalised according to requirement. Wordle allows us to decide on the maximum number of words that appears in the cloud. The font, layout and the colour of the clouds can also be edited.

Using Wordle in Classroom

One of the common usage for Wordle is for pre-reading activities. Teachers may use wordle for activities like previewing a text. Wordle helps students to get an overview of the text. Images and colours may help in generating students interest towards the text. In addition, there might be words that can activate students schemata. Teachers may opt to introduce and explain any new vocabularies in the text through wordle. Other than that, students may discuss and share their ideas about the content of the wordle in the classroom. 


1. Personalisation. Words volume, font, layout and colour can be customised.

2. Easy to use in classroom. There is no need for facilities like laptop, internet etc.

3. Great way to introduce new vocabulary to students.

4. Skills. Teacher can use wordle to practice multiple skills (reading, writing, speaking)


1. Small words can sometimes be hard to read. 

2.Privacy. Your clouds will go public once it is saved.

3. Java Player. Uses javascript that needs to be installed into the computer. There are few devices that did not support, therefore leaving the website unaccessible. 

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