Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Listen and Write

Listen and Write is an amazing website that provides tonnes of recordings, with exercises that comes in various levels of difficulty. Updated almost everyday, this websites features recordings with real-life issues that comes without any cost. Even though the design may look simple and dull, it features is certainly does not seem that simple. With every recording, users are able to choose from three different modes; full, quick and blank mode. In addition, users can track their progress if they sign up. Listen and Write can definitely be a beneficial website for any learners who wish to improve their listening skills.


1. Students are exposed to authentic language.

2. Easy and simple interface allows for autonomous learning.

3. Different levels of difficulties provides options for all level of learners.

4. All round materials and tasks that comes free of charge.


1. Students might get distracted with various links that appear on the website. ie facebook

2. Some schools might not have enough required facilities and access

Example of exercise from Listen and Write website. Press play

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training offers a refreshing new way by integrating music videos and ask the user to listen and fill the missing words, phrases or even the whole lyrics, depending on the level of difficulty chosen. Users will be able to choose from hundreds of available videos in the website and work at their own pace with preferred music. Available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch, Lyrics Training is definitely an easy and fun method to improve your language skills.


1. Easy and fun method that provides varieties in learning.

2. Students will be able to work at their own pace and advanced through the levels.

3. Vocabularies building.

4. Students will be able to choose their favourite materials and genre.


1. Some songs might be not appropriate for younger learners.

2. Teacher might have problem monitoring a big classroom.

3. Students can get distracted with music videos.


Dvolver is a simple yet amazing website that allows users to create and customise videos. Users will be able to work through and produce their own short video clips. Users would be able to choose from varieties of situations, characters, setting and even sound effects. Dvolver enable user to express themselves and explore their creativity to the utmost limit.

Recommended : Users with intermediate level of english and knowledge in computer skills.


1. The simple interface featured provides varieties of options that can attract students to explore and relish their potential.

2. Fun way of using language authentically.

3. New learning style for students.

4. Allows students to be creative in using language.


1. Monitoring - teacher might find it difficult to monitor students in a big classroom.

2. Students might not have the technical ability and not used to work with technology.

3. Resources - Some schools may not have enough computers or internet connection

Example of video created