Thursday, 1 December 2011

Elllo English

Elllo English (yes, with the triple L) is an interesting website that provides language learners with various activities that can enhance the learners' language skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing. Ellloenglish is mainly designed as an online listening materials library available for anyone who would like to use it in classes, as teacher or language learner to learn language just with few clicks of fingers.

The website is well organised and divided into few sections. The first and most important sections are categories that classify all the listening materials, situated at the topmost left of the website. Users are able to easily explore the available materials and activities in ellloenglish. Other than that, there is a search engine provided in the website. The search engine will be the most convenient way for learners or users to search listening materials that tend to their interests and hobbies. In the middle of the website, there are some recommended materials for the convenient of any new learners to explore the website. Moreover, there are more sections in the site like ellloenglish's twitter and an index of all available listening materials. Below is the snapshot of the home screen :

Elllo Video

Another great feature in ellloenglish's website is the elllovideo. Ellloenglish provides authentic videos recording from various english speaker from throughout the world. There are various videos with different context such as sports, hobbies and much more for learners to choose based on their preferences. For beginners, there are transcription provided as subtitles and text separately. In addition, comprehension quiz are provided for learners who would like to test themselves after done listening to the video. Here is another screenshot featuring one of the elllovideo in this website :

Elllo Video

Application for Teachers

As mentioned earlier, ellloenglish is an useful website especially for teachers who would like to add more varieties and add more ideas into their classroom. In terms of materials, there are various materials available for downloads such as mp3 files, pdf and videos that can be used as teaching materials. Other than that, the videos in ellloenglish provide an example of genuine recordings where the speakers are trying to explain various content. Teachers would be able to teach language and content simultaneously or opt to focus more on whether the language or content bit.

Other than that, ellloenglish is full of features that can encourage autonomous learning. The reading materials, organisation and instructions in the website are all simple and easy to follow. In addition, the transcription provided with each recordings will be very beneficial for beginners to learn a new language. With ellloenglish, users may choose to challenge themselves with more questions and activities or reward themselves by trying the easier materials and activities. There are even 'exam help' section where students can get exam and study tips. Moreover, various materials and games such as songs and much more can make the language learning experience enjoyable and satisfying.


1. Students will be exposed to variety of english accents. This will provide more language experience for the students.

2. Authentic materials and content.

3. Variety of topics - culture rounded

4. Users would be able to personalise, making choices and interests based on their own.

5. Provide variety in classroom.

6. Encourage autonomous learning.

7. The website covers almost all skills in language

8. Various context of the listening materials provide motivation for students to listen.

9. Supported by CLIL enthusiasts.

10. Free and there's no need to register an account.


1. Server issues. Sometimes the website might not be functional if their servers are overloaded.

2. The organisations might confused some first time users.

3. Some of the audio and video quality is not that good

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Click n Learn

Click n Learn is a Spanish website that contains many features for language learning. The website is accessible in English, French, and Spanish. It is a really fun websites with loads of activities that can relate to various areas and skills in language learning. The activities usually consists of games and colourful visual, and some come with sounds. Each topics contain a series of activities of five to six once you click and explore it.

Application for Teachers.

There are various ways and methods on how teacher can benefit from the website. Firstly, this site has activities for various groups and levels of students. Therefore, click n learn is ideal for English learning as there are activities for students with different level of english. Other than that, click n learn also provide teachers with opportunities to present new set of vocabularies with visual and sound support through the website. For instance, below is a screen capture of click n learn website while the users are being presented with with set of vocabularies of family, assisted with images and sounds. This is great for language learning as students are more relaxed, are able to learn at their own speed, and supported by images and sounds in their learning.

*Written (This is my family)

In addition, after a new language is presented at the beginning of each topic, students will be able to choose around five to six language activities to reinforce their learning. the activities vary and cover reading, listening, writing and much more. Additionally, there are simple cognitive activity such as matching, remembering and much more. Teacher may use click n learn to present new language, teaching grammar, functions or as homework for students to reinforce their learning in classroom. One of the example of the activities in the website :

Click n learn can be independently by students or language learner. Students can explore the website in their own free time at home. They may choose activities that they like, and progress at their own speed. This will make sure that the content and activities will be able to both support and challenge the students in progressing as a language learner. Therefore, promoting autonomous learning in the classroom.


1. Hundreds varieties of fun activities and games. 

2. Clear, structured and simple organisation.

3. Clear topic and content.

4. The activities cover multiple skills. (Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening)

5. Lots of drilling in vocabulary learning.

6. Some activities provide context to students. 

7. The activities or handouts can be printed. 

8. Its FREE and there's no need to set up an account.

9. Interactive. Keep the students focused.


1. The teacher's guide and student's guide are in Spanish, and most of the instructions are in Spanish as well.

2. 'Unneeded' sound effects at the beginning of the page.

3. Some activities do not have 'next' button and students have to complete the activity on a page before moving on. Cannot skip. Therefore, lack of control.

4. Some feedback or games are too wordy and too lengthy. Students may not read them.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Phrasr is part of project by pimpampum that uses flickr images to generate a series of pictures. Previously we have read about bookr that allows us to search flickr images and compile a nice album with captions. In contrast,  Phrasr provides a search box where users can insert any phrase, Phrasr would visualise it, and related images of each single word shall turn up. User can choose any related images that reflect what their words actually means and have their phrase being accompanied by astonishing images.

The initial search screen.

Users would be able to customise, put a title of the phrase and publish it for others to view.

For sharing purposes, there are options to email it to friends and replay it again.

Go to Phrasr website


1. Free. Costs nothing aside from a PC and internet connection.

2. Part of pimpampum project, where users may use Flickr image without any fear of copyright claim.

3. Simple interface that function greatly.

4. Teachers may print it out.


1. Unrelated images. Images that turn up might not be unrelated to the phrase and this can be confusing especially to beginners. 

2. Inappropriate / explicit or not decent images might appear in search results.