Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Click n Learn

Click n Learn is a Spanish website that contains many features for language learning. The website is accessible in English, French, and Spanish. It is a really fun websites with loads of activities that can relate to various areas and skills in language learning. The activities usually consists of games and colourful visual, and some come with sounds. Each topics contain a series of activities of five to six once you click and explore it.

Application for Teachers.

There are various ways and methods on how teacher can benefit from the website. Firstly, this site has activities for various groups and levels of students. Therefore, click n learn is ideal for English learning as there are activities for students with different level of english. Other than that, click n learn also provide teachers with opportunities to present new set of vocabularies with visual and sound support through the website. For instance, below is a screen capture of click n learn website while the users are being presented with with set of vocabularies of family, assisted with images and sounds. This is great for language learning as students are more relaxed, are able to learn at their own speed, and supported by images and sounds in their learning.

*Written (This is my family)

In addition, after a new language is presented at the beginning of each topic, students will be able to choose around five to six language activities to reinforce their learning. the activities vary and cover reading, listening, writing and much more. Additionally, there are simple cognitive activity such as matching, remembering and much more. Teacher may use click n learn to present new language, teaching grammar, functions or as homework for students to reinforce their learning in classroom. One of the example of the activities in the website :

Click n learn can be independently by students or language learner. Students can explore the website in their own free time at home. They may choose activities that they like, and progress at their own speed. This will make sure that the content and activities will be able to both support and challenge the students in progressing as a language learner. Therefore, promoting autonomous learning in the classroom.


1. Hundreds varieties of fun activities and games. 

2. Clear, structured and simple organisation.

3. Clear topic and content.

4. The activities cover multiple skills. (Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening)

5. Lots of drilling in vocabulary learning.

6. Some activities provide context to students. 

7. The activities or handouts can be printed. 

8. Its FREE and there's no need to set up an account.

9. Interactive. Keep the students focused.


1. The teacher's guide and student's guide are in Spanish, and most of the instructions are in Spanish as well.

2. 'Unneeded' sound effects at the beginning of the page.

3. Some activities do not have 'next' button and students have to complete the activity on a page before moving on. Cannot skip. Therefore, lack of control.

4. Some feedback or games are too wordy and too lengthy. Students may not read them.

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