Friday, 11 November 2011


Brainshark is a free website where the user can create, share and track online video presentations regardless for e learning, business and much more. Users can upload their powerpoint slides, and add their voice to the slides. Therefore, producing an engaging and interactive video presentations. The users would be able to share via emails, social networking or embed it on blog and website. Moreover, the audience can assess the video presentation online on-demand at their own convenience.

Teachers and secondary students of all english language levels will definitely benefit from brain shark. It could be use for classroom presentation. Instead of letting the students do the presentation in front of their mates, why not let them prepare this incredible video presentations at home and play them later in the classroom. Teacher might want to use this platform to provide students with extra notes. This can be beneficial especially during the examination weeks as the students revise the notes to the utmost

Here is an example of how brain shark can be used.



1. Its free. They do have the paid version with extra features but the free version is still brilliant.

2. Promotes students presentation skill. It can help to lower students anxiety when doing the presentation because nobody sees them. Some students do not like to do presentation. So, this tool will help them to develop their confidence and sooner or later, they can stand in front of their friends and do the presentation.

3. The content can easily be accessed. 


1. If you are using the free version, your video presentations will be made public. In terms of privacy, this is not good. However ,if you use the paid version, you can choose either to make it public or private.

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