Friday, 25 November 2011


Phrasr is part of project by pimpampum that uses flickr images to generate a series of pictures. Previously we have read about bookr that allows us to search flickr images and compile a nice album with captions. In contrast,  Phrasr provides a search box where users can insert any phrase, Phrasr would visualise it, and related images of each single word shall turn up. User can choose any related images that reflect what their words actually means and have their phrase being accompanied by astonishing images.

The initial search screen.

Users would be able to customise, put a title of the phrase and publish it for others to view.

For sharing purposes, there are options to email it to friends and replay it again.

Go to Phrasr website


1. Free. Costs nothing aside from a PC and internet connection.

2. Part of pimpampum project, where users may use Flickr image without any fear of copyright claim.

3. Simple interface that function greatly.

4. Teachers may print it out.


1. Unrelated images. Images that turn up might not be unrelated to the phrase and this can be confusing especially to beginners. 

2. Inappropriate / explicit or not decent images might appear in search results. 

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