Sunday, 20 November 2011


Audioboo is a platform that allows you to record and share audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear. It is a podcasting tool that allows up to 3 minutes of audio. After done recording, users may opt to add title and tags to the podcasts. Podcasts, or recordings are know as 'boo'. Users can also add images and much more to their 'boo'. Once everything is done, the podcasts can be shared with others on twitter. Moreover, audio that being recorded can also being searched on iTunes.

There are various ways in how Audioboo may be used in classroom environment. For instance, teachers may use Audioboo to make a podcast asking students to write an essay on a topic and students at home will listen to the podcast and received the essay questions. Other than that, teachers can also ask students to keep a journal in form of podcasts in Audioboo. Students may record about anything that their like. Teachers may also ask students to email the podcast to teachers and teachers can use podcast to give feedback as well. 

In addition, users can use Audioboo through their phone as well. There is an app for Iphone, Android and Nokia phone users. This will definitely make Audioboo more accessible and exciting for students to try it on their phone. Users will be able to do their podcast about everything and everywhere.

An example of Audioboo


1. Its free!

2. Audioboo connects users with their friends. This will encourage communicative language use and motivates students to share more things in their podcasts.

3. Mobility. User can create and record podcasts from phone.

4. Awesome interface. Nice, clean and simple. And works!


1. Privacy. Podcasts goes up on twitter and searchable through iTunes. 

2. 3 minutes maximum time for podcasts.

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