Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Click n Learn

Click n Learn is a Spanish website that contains many features for language learning. The website is accessible in English, French, and Spanish. It is a really fun websites with loads of activities that can relate to various areas and skills in language learning. The activities usually consists of games and colourful visual, and some come with sounds. Each topics contain a series of activities of five to six once you click and explore it.

Application for Teachers.

There are various ways and methods on how teacher can benefit from the website. Firstly, this site has activities for various groups and levels of students. Therefore, click n learn is ideal for English learning as there are activities for students with different level of english. Other than that, click n learn also provide teachers with opportunities to present new set of vocabularies with visual and sound support through the website. For instance, below is a screen capture of click n learn website while the users are being presented with with set of vocabularies of family, assisted with images and sounds. This is great for language learning as students are more relaxed, are able to learn at their own speed, and supported by images and sounds in their learning.

*Written (This is my family)

In addition, after a new language is presented at the beginning of each topic, students will be able to choose around five to six language activities to reinforce their learning. the activities vary and cover reading, listening, writing and much more. Additionally, there are simple cognitive activity such as matching, remembering and much more. Teacher may use click n learn to present new language, teaching grammar, functions or as homework for students to reinforce their learning in classroom. One of the example of the activities in the website :

Click n learn can be independently by students or language learner. Students can explore the website in their own free time at home. They may choose activities that they like, and progress at their own speed. This will make sure that the content and activities will be able to both support and challenge the students in progressing as a language learner. Therefore, promoting autonomous learning in the classroom.


1. Hundreds varieties of fun activities and games. 

2. Clear, structured and simple organisation.

3. Clear topic and content.

4. The activities cover multiple skills. (Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening)

5. Lots of drilling in vocabulary learning.

6. Some activities provide context to students. 

7. The activities or handouts can be printed. 

8. Its FREE and there's no need to set up an account.

9. Interactive. Keep the students focused.


1. The teacher's guide and student's guide are in Spanish, and most of the instructions are in Spanish as well.

2. 'Unneeded' sound effects at the beginning of the page.

3. Some activities do not have 'next' button and students have to complete the activity on a page before moving on. Cannot skip. Therefore, lack of control.

4. Some feedback or games are too wordy and too lengthy. Students may not read them.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Phrasr is part of project by pimpampum that uses flickr images to generate a series of pictures. Previously we have read about bookr that allows us to search flickr images and compile a nice album with captions. In contrast,  Phrasr provides a search box where users can insert any phrase, Phrasr would visualise it, and related images of each single word shall turn up. User can choose any related images that reflect what their words actually means and have their phrase being accompanied by astonishing images.

The initial search screen.

Users would be able to customise, put a title of the phrase and publish it for others to view.

For sharing purposes, there are options to email it to friends and replay it again.

Go to Phrasr website


1. Free. Costs nothing aside from a PC and internet connection.

2. Part of pimpampum project, where users may use Flickr image without any fear of copyright claim.

3. Simple interface that function greatly.

4. Teachers may print it out.


1. Unrelated images. Images that turn up might not be unrelated to the phrase and this can be confusing especially to beginners. 

2. Inappropriate / explicit or not decent images might appear in search results. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wordle ( Word Clouds )

Wordle is a website which allows the users to create word cloud from any article inserted in the website. The word cloud will be created based on the most frequent words in the article. Word cloud is a visual representation for text data. Word cloud are built from 'tags'. 'Tags' are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or colour. There are various websites that can be used to create word cloud. Wordshift is one of the other free website that allows users to create word cloud as well. However,  I would recommend Wordle rather than Wordshift as it allows for more personalisation of the word cloud.

Teachers may use Wordle in a reading lesson to students for different level of English. The word cloud can be personalised according to requirement. Wordle allows us to decide on the maximum number of words that appears in the cloud. The font, layout and the colour of the clouds can also be edited.

Using Wordle in Classroom

One of the common usage for Wordle is for pre-reading activities. Teachers may use wordle for activities like previewing a text. Wordle helps students to get an overview of the text. Images and colours may help in generating students interest towards the text. In addition, there might be words that can activate students schemata. Teachers may opt to introduce and explain any new vocabularies in the text through wordle. Other than that, students may discuss and share their ideas about the content of the wordle in the classroom. 


1. Personalisation. Words volume, font, layout and colour can be customised.

2. Easy to use in classroom. There is no need for facilities like laptop, internet etc.

3. Great way to introduce new vocabulary to students.

4. Skills. Teacher can use wordle to practice multiple skills (reading, writing, speaking)


1. Small words can sometimes be hard to read. 

2.Privacy. Your clouds will go public once it is saved.

3. Java Player. Uses javascript that needs to be installed into the computer. There are few devices that did not support, therefore leaving the website unaccessible. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Audioboo is a platform that allows you to record and share audio for your friends, family or the rest of the world to hear. It is a podcasting tool that allows up to 3 minutes of audio. After done recording, users may opt to add title and tags to the podcasts. Podcasts, or recordings are know as 'boo'. Users can also add images and much more to their 'boo'. Once everything is done, the podcasts can be shared with others on twitter. Moreover, audio that being recorded can also being searched on iTunes.

There are various ways in how Audioboo may be used in classroom environment. For instance, teachers may use Audioboo to make a podcast asking students to write an essay on a topic and students at home will listen to the podcast and received the essay questions. Other than that, teachers can also ask students to keep a journal in form of podcasts in Audioboo. Students may record about anything that their like. Teachers may also ask students to email the podcast to teachers and teachers can use podcast to give feedback as well. 

In addition, users can use Audioboo through their phone as well. There is an app for Iphone, Android and Nokia phone users. This will definitely make Audioboo more accessible and exciting for students to try it on their phone. Users will be able to do their podcast about everything and everywhere.

An example of Audioboo


1. Its free!

2. Audioboo connects users with their friends. This will encourage communicative language use and motivates students to share more things in their podcasts.

3. Mobility. User can create and record podcasts from phone.

4. Awesome interface. Nice, clean and simple. And works!


1. Privacy. Podcasts goes up on twitter and searchable through iTunes. 

2. 3 minutes maximum time for podcasts.

Friday, 11 November 2011


Brainshark is a free website where the user can create, share and track online video presentations regardless for e learning, business and much more. Users can upload their powerpoint slides, and add their voice to the slides. Therefore, producing an engaging and interactive video presentations. The users would be able to share via emails, social networking or embed it on blog and website. Moreover, the audience can assess the video presentation online on-demand at their own convenience.

Teachers and secondary students of all english language levels will definitely benefit from brain shark. It could be use for classroom presentation. Instead of letting the students do the presentation in front of their mates, why not let them prepare this incredible video presentations at home and play them later in the classroom. Teacher might want to use this platform to provide students with extra notes. This can be beneficial especially during the examination weeks as the students revise the notes to the utmost

Here is an example of how brain shark can be used.



1. Its free. They do have the paid version with extra features but the free version is still brilliant.

2. Promotes students presentation skill. It can help to lower students anxiety when doing the presentation because nobody sees them. Some students do not like to do presentation. So, this tool will help them to develop their confidence and sooner or later, they can stand in front of their friends and do the presentation.

3. The content can easily be accessed. 


1. If you are using the free version, your video presentations will be made public. In terms of privacy, this is not good. However ,if you use the paid version, you can choose either to make it public or private.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Bookr is a free web site that incorporates flickr, one of the world's leading image hosting site that allows users to search through flickr's images and customize any captions or style to user's preferences. Users would be able to post their work into their blog and show it to their friends.

Example of booklet created :